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Acoustic guitars
Fender Sonoran
Fender CD60
Johnson player pack
Johnson JG-610
Johnson JG-620 (L)
Johnson JG-670
Oscar Schmidt OG1
Oscar Schmidt OG2
Oscar Schmidt OG2Q quilt
Samick spruce top
Washburn D8
Washburn WD10
Oscar Schmidt OG3
Oscar Schmidt OG4
Oscar Schmidt OG6S
Acoustic - electric
Fender CD60CE
Fender Sonoran
Samick w/ EQ cutaway
Johnson JG-650T thin
Johnson JG-620 series (L)
Johnson JG660T thin
Oscar Schmidt OG10CE
Oscar Schmidt OG2CE
Oscar Schmidt OG2CEQHS
Oscar Schmidt OG20CE
Takamine EG340C
Takamine eg530sc
Takamine eg523sc
Takamine eg544sc-4c
Washburn EA20SDL
Washburn WD10SCE
Johnson JG-620 (L)
Fender acoustic guitars
12 string
Fender CD-100-12
Oscar Schmidt OG312
Oscar Schmidt OG312CE
Takamine EG523SC-12
Takamine EG523SCB-12
Washburn WD10S12
Washburn WD10SCE12
Classical - folk
Samcik classical cutaway EQ
Oscar Schmidt OC1 3/4
Oscar Schmidt OC9
Oscar Schmidt OC11
Washburn C40
Washburn C80S
Washburn C64CE
Washburn C104SCE

Mini guitars and youth size

Left handed
Amigo travel guitar
Johnson travel guitar
Washburn Rover travel guitar


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Washburn NV100 & NV300 acoustic guitar

NV Series Guitar.


washburn acoustic guitars


Washburn NV100 and NV300

Not only will your audience be impressed by its tone and look, the on-board electronics will give you easily obtainable control over your tone and the built-in chorus unit will provide a previously unobtainable tonal spectrum without feedback. Players wanted.

The NV guitars are a triumph of engineering applied to traditional materials to create the ultimate in professional-level guitars. It has no rival for live stage performances or studio use. The NV300 utilizes a customized electronics package developed in conjunction with Fishman Electronics, consisting of a magnetic neck pickup voiced for phosphor bronze strings. This is combined with the latest in under saddle piezo technology, a preamp with EQ, notch filter, phasing and blending capabilities and Washburn’s groundbreaking combination 1/4” pin and XLR jack, which controls the on-off power through either input. The NV100 utilizes a custom under saddle tape microphone with a BBand preamp, providing the ultimate in acoustic amplification. Both models have incredible intonation, a result of our long association with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System™. Available in Natural (N), Vintage Sunburst (VS), or Black (B).

NV Sound Hole & Pickup.
Neck access to the 22nd fret of the 25 ½" scale - not available on any other acoustic guitar. Another never-before seen acoustic feature available on our Unibody construction is the belly cut for player comfort.
• Two-bolt neck joint with uni-lock pitch adjustment – patent pending.
NV Neck Joint.
NV Headstock.
• Modern headstock with pearl logo and coverless truss rod access and 18:1 gear ratio Grover tuners.
• Fishman preamp with EQ, notch filter, phasing and blending capabilities. Fisman Preamp.

Buzz Feiten Tuning System.


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