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You can teach yourself fiddling Advanced country fiddle
Beginning country / bluegrass fiddle video The American Fiddle Method Volume 1
The fiddle according to Vassar Fiddle Primer Book
Introduction to Violin DVD Violin Primer Book
Country Fiddle 3 Suzuki Violin School



Cover PhotoYou can teach yourself fiddling video click here for sales price

With You Can Teach Yourself® Fiddling, veteran Mel Bay author, Craig Duncan, has produced an excellent book for the beginning fiddler. Its 36 lessons teach basic techniques through specific exercises and traditional fiddle tunes. From holding the fiddle and bow correctly to playing moderately advanced tunes in double stops, Craig will guide you through each progressive step. Although it is not necessary to be able to read music at the start of this book, the author gradually introduces principles of effective note reading throughout. A unique feature of this book is that the same tune may appear in more than one lesson, increasing in difficulty with each recurrence. Each variation builds on the previous one and assists students in learning how to create their own arrangements. Even with some repetitions of the same tune, you'll find more than 50 popular fiddle tunes in the book's 80 pages. "Check points" and reviews keep you on track from cover to cover. The companion video covers the first 17 lessons from the book.

You can teach yourself fiddling book You can teach yourself fiddling video click here for sales price

You can teach yourself fiddling book/cd pack

Beginning Country-Bluegrass Fiddle Video
with Dan Huckabee

If any instrument needs a video lesson, it's the fiddle! Although it's a lot of fun, the fiddle is more difficult in the beginning than any other instrument. This lesson is designed to start you off on the right foot, with hints that will make your progress fast and painless! (90-minute video/booklet)

Holding the fiddle and bow, detailed technique for both hands proper form, tuning hints, double stops, beginning shuffle, scales, exercises, and much more.


Solos Taught: Boil them Cabbage Down and Cotton Eyed Joe.
Beginning level, 90-minute video
Beginning counrty-bluegrass fiddle video click here for sales price

Beginning Country Bluegrass Fiddle DVD

Advanced country fiddle

Written by Marilyn Bos, Associate Professor of violin at Mankato State University in Minnesota. This book is a follow-up to her earlier publication, Country Fiddle. It contains 36 advanced lessons on how to play the country fiddle. Table of contents All The Good Times Amazing Grace Back Up And Push Blackberry Blossom Boatin' Up Sandy Boil Them Cabbage Down Cadoz Jig Cajun Drone Castle Hornpipe Crazy Creek Cripple Creek Darlin' Devil's Dream Double-D Hornpipe Frankie And Johnny Greensleeves Hull's Victory I Love My Love I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord I Wish I Were Single Again Jabber Jaw Kingdom Coming Liberty Long, Long Ago No More Will Flowers (Mozart) Prince Charlie's Defeat Red Carpet Waltz Red Feather Jig Reunion Waltz Sally Goodin Shannon Waltz The Erie Canal The Keys To The Kingdom Three-Step Quadrille Waltz Of The Wind Westphalia Waltz Whistle Stop

View picture here Advanced country fiddle click here for sales price

Country fiddle book at

The American Fiddle Method Volume 1 Book/CD

Beginning Fiddle Tunes and Techniques

Destined to become a classic, this method provides the beginner with the elements needed to become a proficient fiddler. Based on many years of teaching experience, the author introduces the concepts and techniques that yields solid results. This method encourages creativity in the student by including variations to the tunes and illustrating how they can serve as a basis for improvisation. To assist in the development of ensemble skills, chords and lyrics, basic music theory, and demonstrations of such skills as backup and lead playing are included in this profusely- illustrated book. A CD for listening and play-along captures the excitement of the music and aids instruction. This book is beneficial for both fiddle students and classical Suzuki violin students.
View picture here The american fiddle method volume 1 Book/CD click here for sales price

The American Fiddle Method Volume 1 & The American Fiddle Method Volume 1 - Fiddle DVD 99471DVD at

The fiddle according to Vassar

Accompanied by Bob Hoban. This great fiddle master demonstrates more than a dozen licks and their uses in several favorite tunes, as well as his trademark riffs, slides, chromatics, double- and triple-stops, slurs, boogie-woogie patterns and more. Songs: Lonesome Fiddle Blues * Orange Blossom Special * Good Woman's Love * Avalanche * and others. 90-MINUTE VIDEO * INCLUDES MUSIC * LEVEL 3/4

View picture here The fiddle according to Vassar click here for sales price



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