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With Rhymesaurus rhyming dictionary software you get a complete rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and much more! The Ultimate English-Language Reference Tool Rhymesaurus is the ultimate collection of computer reference tools for writers, poets, songwriters, and anyone who needs to find "just the right word". Rhymesaurus contains the world's most powerful rhyming dictionary, a full English-language dictionary, complete with definitions, a full thesaurus, a unique "sounds like" reference that lets you find words that sound similar, WordSurf, a feature that lets you examine lexical relationships between words, and a unique pattern matching tool for finding words based on their stress patterns. Rhymesaurus runs on Windows xp 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000. Powerful Browser Interface Rhymesaurus is built around a powerful hypertext browser interface. After looking up a word in one reference, you can click on any underlined word to find that word in any of Rhymesaurus' references. This allows you to quickly jump between the dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, sounds-like reference, and Rhymesaurus unique "WordSurf" feature, following a lexical trail until you find just the right word. In addition, Rhymesaurus includes "history" buttons, letting you move back and forth among your search results.

Rhymesaurus is more than just a rhyming dictionary! It includes many powerful tools not found in any other reference work or software product.


The Rhymesaurus dictionary contains full definitions for all senses of over 115,000 English words.


The Rhymesaurus thesaurus is a complete Roget's Thesaurus, organized into 1000 topical categories, with full search capabilities.

Rhyming Dictionary

Rhymesaurus' rhyming dictionary contains over 120,000 words, and quickly gives you perfect single, double or triple-syllable rhymes, rhymes on the final syllable only, rhymes on the first syllable of a word, reverse rhymes, reverse rhymes on the first syllable of the word, homophones (words that are pronounced the same), words with the same pattern of consonant or vowel sounds, and words that begin with, end with or contain a specific pattern of sounds.

Perfect Rhymes, Light Rhymes and Final-Syllable Rhymes

Perfect rhymes (also called "normative" rhymes) make it easy to find words that end with the same sounds and the same lexical reference, regardless if they are single-syllable rhymes (e.g., cat/hat), double-syllable rhymes (e.g., piranha/iguana), or triple-syllable rhymes (e.g., hammering/stammering).

Light rhymes are word pairs where the final syllable of one is stressed, but the penultimate syllable of the other is stressed (e.g., morning/sing). If you enter a word with the lexical stress on the final syllable, Rhymesaurus will show you words with the stress on the penultimate syllable, and vice versa.

Use final-syllable rhymes to find words that end with the same sound, regardless of lexical emphasis.

First-Syllable Rhymes

First-syllable rhymes helps you find words whose first syllable rhymes (e.g., porcupine, fork, orchid, etc.).

Reverse Rhymes

Reverse rhymes makes it easy to find words that start with the same sounds, with the same pattern of lexical emphasis. Reverse first-syllable rhymes show you words that start with the same sound in the first syllable, regardless of lexical emphasis. Back rhymes are like reverse rhymes on the final syllable of the word (e.g., backpack/notepad).


The rhyming dictionary's homophone search makes it a snap to find all spellings of words that are pronounced the same.


The consonance features lets you quickly find all words that have the same pattern of consonant sounds, regardless of spelling. Selecting "Consonance" gives you words that end in the same consonant sound (e.g., back/neck). "Double Consonance" gives you words that have the same final two consonant sounds (e.g., blackjack/joke). "Full Consonance" matches all consonant sounds in the word.


The assonance features shows you all words that have the same pattern of vowel sounds, regardless of spelling. "Assonance" finds words whose final vowel sound matches (e.g., back/ran). "Full Assonance" finds words where all vowel sounds match. "Full Assonance w/End Cons" shows words with the same vowel pattern and the same consonant sound at the end of the word.

Sight Rhymes

Sight rhymes are words that look like they would rhyme, but don't. Examples include good/blood/mood, love/move/rove, and so on.

Half-double Rhymes

A half-double rhyme is a word pair where the final stressed syllable of one word rhymes with the penultimate stressed syllable of the other. Rhymesaurus can find half-double rhymes for words with the lexical stress on either of the final two syllables.

Amphisbaenic Rhymes

Amphisbaenic rhymes are rhymes where the final syllable is the same, in reverse.

Elided Rhymes

Elided rhymes are word pairs where the words would be a perfect rhyme, except that one of the two words has a final vowel sound that the other does not (e.g., vivid/lived).

Begins With, Ends With and Contains Begins With shows all the words that begin with the same sounds, without regard for syllabification or lexical emphasis. Ends with shows all words that end with the same sounds. Contains shows all words that contain the specified pattern of sounds.

These differ from other rhyme types, in that you simply specify a pattern of sounds that you are looking for, rather than a word you want to match. For example, selecting Ends With and searching for "ting" will find all words that end in "ting", including "batting", "knitting", etc.

Sounds Like Reference
Find words that sound similar, using two different "sounds-like" computer algorithms.

WordSurf is a special reference tool with 120,000 root words, that combines the features of a dictionary, a thesaurus, and much more.

In addition to providing definitions, synonyms and antonyms as you would find in standard references, WordSurf allows you to ask questions that no standard reference can answer, such as "what are the parts of an automobile?" or "what musical instruments are similar to a guitar?" or "what animals are mammals?"

Pattern Matching
The Pattern Matching tool makes it easy to find words based on their lexical stress patterns and beginning and/or ending sounds. For example, you could use the Pattern Matching tool to find all two syllable words beginning with the letter "c" whose lexical stress is on the final syllable.

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Rhymesaurus requires the following minimum system configuration:

Pentium 75Mhz or higher
Windows xp, 95, 98, 2000 or NT4 Service Pack 3 or higher
24MB RAM for Windows 95/98, or 48MB RAM for Windows NT/2000
120MB free disk space for a full installation (30MB free for a "compact" installation)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

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