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Digital Orchestrator Pro

The Premier Digital Audio Sequencer for Windows
"Professional power that's easy to use"

Digital Orchestrator Pro


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Digital Orchestrator Pro sets a new standard for pro desk top music production by adding dozens of new features to Digital Orchestrator Plus - Electronic Musician's best digital audio sequencer of 1997. In addition to feature enhancements, the redesigned toolbar interface provides even more control to enhance the creative process.

As a MIDI sequencer Digital Orchestrator Pro is unsurpassed. In addition to intuitive drag-and-drop editing and powerful transforms found in the "Plus" version, Digital Orchestrator Pro adds a graphic controller editor, step record and other enhancements.

As a digital audio editor, Digital Orchestrator Pro lets you create multitrack recordings from external audio sources. Digital audio and MIDI tracks exist side by side in perfect sync making song editing a snap.

One session will make you a believer. Voyetra's flagship digital sequencer is the fastest, easiest, most intuitive way to create music on a PC... and still at a price you can't afford to pass up!

"Pro" adds significant enhancements to Digital Orchestrator Plus, including...
Step Record mode - for precisely entering notes in non-real-time.
Graphical Controller Editor - for creating expressive musical arrangements.
User-Defined Markers - for quick identification and navigation through your song.
Redesigned Toolbar - for easier access to critical functions and even faster program navigation.
Pitch Shift Transform - lets you alter the pitch of digital audio to create harmonies and sound effects.
Time Compress/Expand Transform - lets you speed up or slow down digital audio recordings.
Drum Names in Metronome Window - lets you edit using drum names rather than MIDI numbers.
Estimated Time Display - lets you see the estimated time to complete transforms.
Major Features Diagram
Screen capture composite image at 800x600 resolution (59k)
DOPro Upgrade Features Listing
Includes these powerful enhancements in addition to all of the features in Digital Orchestrator Plus.
Enhanced Transport
Redesigned toolbar for easier access to critical functions.
Single-click play from the beginning of a song, or from current song position.
Slider lets you view play position and easily move it to any point.
Record/Overdub lets you record over previously recorded tracks to build parts.
Instant access to sync settings from the transport area.
Option to set play range during playback by automatically inserting current time.
Tempo Offset Slider lets you easily fine tune the song tempo.
Easy access to initial time signature from the transport area.
Tool bar buttons automatically provide selected MIDI/digital audio transforms. Menu options let you customize transport operation.
Optional Auto Rewind jumps to where playback started when you stop the song.
Play Range controls can optionally follow the current selection.
ToolTips for buttons show accelerator keystrokes.

Digital Audio
Supports multiple digital audio devices for directing audio tracks.
Supports selection of digital audio input devices rather than SoundMapper.
10-Band Graphic EQ transform modifies the tone of digital audio.
Pitch Shift transform for changing digital audio pitch without altering the tempo.
Time Compress/Expand transform speeds up/slows down audio without changing pitch.
Predefined and user-defined presets for EQ and Compressor-Gate transforms.
Enhanced presets for delay transform.
Sample rate indicator on track view screen shows current digital audio settings.
Supports MMX Technology to play back more audio tracks.
Optional RealAudio Conversion Plug-In for saving in RealAudio format.

MIDI Editing
Display drum names in pitch location window for easily editing drum tracks.
Graphic Controller Editor lets you graphically edit MIDI controller data such as tempo, velocities, pitch bend, etc. for creating dynamic effects.
Draw controller tapers using free hand, line, or curve tools.
Variable fill rate lets you eliminate redundantly dense MIDI controller data.
Step Entry Mode lets you input MIDI data at your own pace.
Solo buttons let you solo each track from the Piano Roll window.
Flyout menus in Piano Roll screen for setting insert and grid durations.
Display Grid option in Piano Roll/Digital Audio screens to draw extra grid lines.
Enhanced zooming capabilities.

General Editing
Markers let you name and jump to any preset position in your song.
MIDI Reset command lets you quickly turn off stuck MIDI notes.
Edit/Move command lets you easily offset MIDI and digital audio segments.
Merge/Import data imports to cursor location for easy positioning.
Metronome can display drum names in the settings dialog.
Includes multimedia mixer for easy access to PC playback and recording levels.
Track view has longer volume sliders for more accurate level settings.
Estimated Time Display shows the time to complete the transform in process.
Long file name support lets you use Windows 95 file name conventions.
Supports Pinnacle SoundBanks and Sound Blaster AWE SoundFonts.

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